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सट्टा मटका जगत की विश्वसनीय भरोसेमंद साईट

डायरेक्ट कंपनी से रिजल्ट आने वाला हैं यही बने रहिये…
सबसे तेज़ और सही रिजल्ट् सिर्फ यही मिलेगा



Satta King Chart | Gali , Desawer,Ghaziabad & Faridabad Chart

01-Feb 479291

Time Table Of Satta Matka Kalyan Milan Day Market

SRIDEVI11:30 AM12:30 PM
KALYAN4:30 PM6:30 PM

Time Table Of Satta King Gali Desawer Ghaziabad Market

HARAYNA (01:30 PM) 0:00
AGRA BAZAR (02:00 PM) 0:00
TAJ (02:30 PM) 0:00
PESHAWAR (03:20 PM) 0:00
PATNA (04:00 PM) 0:00
DELHI STAR (04:00 PM) 0:00
KASHIPUR (04:00 PM) 0:00
UK SUPER (04:02 PM) 0:00
CHINA BAZAR (04:30 PM) 0:00
NAGPUR (05:00 PM) 0:00
HAPUR EXE (05:00 PM) 0:00
NEW FARIDABAD (05:45 PM) 0:00
FARIDABAD (06:00 PM) 0:00
PANIPAT (06:30 PM) 0:00
HYDERABAD (06:35 PM) 0:00
JACKPOT (07:00 PM) 0:00
JALANDHAR (07:00 PM) 0:00
NEW GAZIABAD (07:00 PM) 0:00
GAZIABAD (08:00 PM) 0:00
UP BAZAR (08:00 PM) 0:00
SHRI KUBER (08:15 PM) 0:00
SHIMLA (09:00 PM) 0:00
MAYA PURI (09:00 PM) 0:00
CHANDIGARH (09:00 PM) 0:00
AMBALA (09:05 PM) 0:00
LAL QILA (09:15 PM) 0:00
PUNJAB (09:30 PM) 0:00
ADD GAME (10:15 PM) 0:00
GALI (11:10 PM) 0:00
DISAWAR (05:10 AM) 0:00

What is Satta ?

Satta is a type of game played between two or more people. You must have played Rummy at some time, but if you have played Rummy for entertainment, then it is not called satta. But if you play with money in Rummy, it is called a kind of betting. Which is illegal work in India. If we talk in simple language, then playing any game with money is called Satta. Note: – It is absolutely illegal to play betting in India, through this blog I want to provide you correct information. We do not have any motive to promote betting. The information given below is for knowledge purpose only.


Satta King, you must have heard this name many times. This name is very famous in India. Gambling or satta is like a kind of disease. It is played in large quantities in the whole country or in other languages, say that the betting has badly hit the entire country. The amount of this gambling increases very much during festivals and any special festival. 

But do you know that under Indian law it is illegal to play betting? But still people hide and hide from the administration or police in many ways. Even in spite of strict rules of administration, people try to play Satta, and also play. But the popularity of playing Satta King in India is increasing day by day. Some people play offline betting, some people play betting using the Internet. 

He wants to get rich as quickly as possible in a short time. You also want to play betting or whether you want to gain knowledge about betting, the technique of playing it. So in this article, I will give you complete information about all types of satta,


Where to Check for Kalyan Matka Fix EK Jodi Online?

Kalyan Matka open today Game is still not lawful in India, be that as it may, it’s still a significant business. Now, lotteries have turned into an alluring pick on the web, as they combine all satta matka lucky number lotteries on a worldwide level, so those from India can put down their wagers by simply kalyan result deciding lottery cards where the jackpot is the best kalyan matka chart tips. 

India kalyan matka result features a relatively little lottery jackpot while the IN nations and the US have jackpots usually in the huge number of Euros/USD. The kalyan matka result declared in afternoon around 4:00 to 4:40 which is called KALYAN OPEN and the second result declared on evening section around 6:00 to 6:30 called KALYAN CLOSE. The result of Kalyan Open and Kalyan Close combined to known as Kalyan Jodi. The Madhur Matka Jeeto Game running Monday to Saturday every week.

Tips to Know for Playing with the New Satta Batta

Matka is an incredibly basic game and essentially is a kind of lottery. This game was established a route in 1970’s by the individual named ratan matka tips today by Khatri, and till the 90’s, it continued to enjoy enormous popularity. At Present matka today open and close the old game isn’t played all that much any longer but new versions have come up. fundamentally in the regions of India and Pakistan. 

Possibly, a couple of individuals understand the lottery games all the more so nowadays. You pick three numbers from 0 to 9. Case in point 5, 3,6 would be your beginning pick. That is indiscriminate to add enjoyment or more material to the game the amounts are subsequently contained and the last number is given dpboss. Here it is 14. You are just allowed to use one digit of this amount, i.e. the last one. In this sample it is going to be 4, so your first draw would be 5,3,6 *4.

What is Matka Result?

Satta matka is mainly a form of numeric lottery system in Indian. lottery market that is being followed from time immemorial. The play proceeds in the way that a participant has to pick three consecutive numbers from the numbers ranging from 0-9 through a random process. A new fix matka number matka fix no. 1 fix single jodi is produced by the selected numbers which are added to generate this lucky number. Suppose a person selects 0,2,3 as the consecutive numbers then the lucky number generated will be 5. So the numbers that can be used by the participants are 0,2,3, and *5. The laxmi kuber matka system is followed in the second round on further addition. If the participant then selects the sure matka numbers 3, 5, 6 then the new number generated will be 14 and this time the numbers that can be used will be 3,5,6 and *14. The chord in this case will be 123*6 X356*4. A participant can understand the satta matka result in this system. The Matka result is generally announced around 9pm and 12pm in the night where the name of the winners is declared.

All About Satta Matka and how it works ?

Matka is a form of gambling which mainly originated in the era of independence of India when it was known as Ankada Jugar, a form of “figures gambling” and at present it is treated as an illegal practice in India but is still a big business. Satta Matka Gambling is mainly a form of lottery that involved the betting on the opening and closing rates of the cotton that was transmitted from the New York Cotton Exchange. 

Later in 1960s the system had been replaced by other forms of generating numbers randomly which included pulling out slips from huge earthenware pots which were known as dealing playing cards or matka. The game was founded by Today Ratan kalyan matka open patti tips. Khatri in the 70s and had been popular up to the late 90s but now-a-days the game is not played much anymore except in the few regions in India and Pakistan where the game is still popular.

Majority of the Indians now-a-days go for the satta matka online gambling for earning real money and they are betting with local bookies and on the internet casinos and bookies more and more on the cricket, sports and other casino games. As in the online lottery process, all the lotteries are combined on an international level and the Indians for earning bigger jackpots can leverage their bets by picking the lottery cards.

What is Satta King?

Satta King Mostly Popular In India. Because Satta King is a Game. That Game Provided Satta Fix Number And If You Win This game then Win Lot Of money And Experience.

You will be Getting Following Rates:-

1 rs huruf [ andar / bahar ] = 9rs

1rs jodi play = get 95 rs

So That any people a large amount Of Money play On Satta matka or Satta King.

What is Satta Matka?

Satta matka is a Indian game of luck and is based on random number selection and bidding. However to win all the money you need the lucky number. A major betting trend in the sub continent the game of sattamatka requires that you choose the right number for winning the game and becoming the satta king in the process. It will also be highly rewarding as the winner takes all in this game and that could be huge financial gain for you.

It is pretty popular game in across the world ans also in India. In the 21st century, more people have started making cash bets upon betting and gambling in India. The haters of gambling claim that it leads to crime, corruption and money laundering while regulated gambling system in India can be a huge source of revenue for the state. Let alone casinos in Goa contributed Rs. 135 crores to the state revenue in 2013.

How to Play Satta Matka Game?

This game was very popular until 90’s. But, after the continuous raids by police on matka centers, the matka business was forced to shut down. But, as the age of Internet started, this game started to rise up again in online format. The matka industry found a new way to exist in form of online presence on the Internet.

The game of satta matka is pretty simple to understand and play. With a little bit of study and practice you can become master of matka game. The kalyan matka game was first introduces Kalyanji Bhagat in 1962 and Waroli matka was introduced back in 70’s by Ratan Khatri.

In 21st century many online websites started to pop up on the Internet. Many websites started to provide facilities for playing online games, guessing forum, satta matka results and charts.

Here’s how to play Satta matka game:

Step 1 is to pick (3) numbers from 0–9. For example 5,3,6 would be your first picked random numbers from given 0–9. To add more thrill and substance to the diversion, the numbers are then included/added (5 + 3 + 6) and a last number is given. In this example it is 14. Now, you only have have to keep one digit of this number, that is the last one. In this example, it will be the 4. So your first draw would be 5,3,6 *4.

There are also a second set of numbers which is drawn. The process is similar just like step 1. The rules for picking 2nd number is exactly same as the first draw. As an random case, lets accept the numbers 8,2,8. This gives us a sum of 18, we again just only keep the last digit so our last pick for the second draw of numbers is 8,2,8 *8

Our last card would resemble this: 5,3,6 *4 X 8,2,8 *8. Here is an example card.

Fees and Odds of Satta King or Satta Matka:

The matka betting expert is just expected to take the most maximum of 5% of your bet sum after accepting you win. Since the game is all depended on luck so, neither the agent nor the bettor has any advantage, the bookie should take home 5% on every Rupee won. If heavy betting is being placed on a certain number, or combination of numbers and those numbers are picked, it is very likely your bookie will vanish because he can’t afford to cover the wagers.

At the point when the cards and numbers are picked, by and large at 9pm and 12 around evening time the winners are announced. This is the manner by which a payout would happen. It is called matka result.

For Example:

In Case of a 10 Rupees Bet,

If you choose the right number drawn initially: 9 X Your Wager of 10Rs = 90 Rs.

The second number you have picked is drawn: 9 X Your Wager of 10Rs = 90 Rs.

You choose the correct center number (sattamatkajodi) and the primary number right in mix: 90 X Your Wager = 900 Rs.

Boom! See the money? You can make 90x money which you have in your pocket right now! You can become rich over night.

More and people are getting drawn towards the matka game. So, what are you waiting for? Test your luck and become rich!

What is the Reality of Satta king Game ?

As I told you above, Satta King is a lottery game. In which 100 people take part on their free will. Out of which one person is chosen as the winner between 1 to 100 numbers. And for this all the 100 numbers are put in a pot. Then a slip of any number is drawn. The winner, who will have the number on that slip, will come. Meaning it is a game of luck. 

But wait, the truth of this game is something else. Actually, this is how I described this game. There is nothing of that type in this game. Because in fact, in the Satta King, he does not pick the slip of any one person by putting the number in the pot, but only the number which has less money out of 100 number, is declared the winner. Which means that the team of Satta King gets a lot of profit, which means who is the winner or not depends on the team of Satta King. Many people in India also know that Satta King is dishonest in sports.


He still remains unaware, because he thinks that the Satta King should not have such a number, that the number is honestly removed which can be his number, and he can win, but it is impossible. Told you above, Satta King is a lottery game. In which 100 people take part on their free will. Out of which one person is chosen as the winner between 1 to 100 numbers. And for this all the 100 numbers are put in a pot. Then a slip of any number is drawn. The winner, who will have the number on that slip, will come. Meaning it is a game of luck. 


Wait, the truth of this game is something else. Actually, this is how I described this game. There is nothing of that type in this game. Because in fact, in the Satta King, he does not pick the slip of any one person by putting the number in the pot, but only the number which has less money out of 100 number, is declared the winner. Which means that the team of Satta King gets a lot of profit, which means who is the winner or not depends on the team of Satta King. Many people in India also know that Satta King is dishonest in sports. But he still remains clueless, as he thinks that the Satta King should not have such a number, that the number be removed honestly, which can be his number, and he can win, but it is impossible.

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खुद पर रखे विश्वास और बन जाये Satta king का बादशाह



जब आप satta king की website पर जाएंगे तो देखेंगे कि वह बहुत सारे नंबर लिखे होंगे आपको बस आपने एक lucky नंबर चुनना है और पैसे लगाने है जितने आप लगा सकते है ।

आप को जाने के हैरानी होगी की मैं जब पहले बार satta king के बारे में सुना था तो मुझे भी ऐसा ही लगा था कि ये कोई पागल बनना रहा है और पैसे लूट रहा है लेकिन मैं फिर भी सोचा की एक बार लगा कि देख लेता हूं,ये सोच के की मेरे पास और कोई रास्ता भी तो नहीं है और मैन आपने दोस्त की बात सुनते हुए उसकी बात मन ली और satta king की website पर चले गया । 

वह मैन देखा की बहुत सारे नंबर लिखे हुए थे । जिन मैं से मुझ आपना कोई एक लकी नंबर चुनना था और पैसे लगाने थे मैं भगवान पर भरोसा रखते हुए कुदरत के सात रंगों को अपना लकी नंबर बना लिया और उस पर आपने पुरे एक हज़ार रुपये लगा दिए, उस दिन के बाद से मेरी ज़िंदगी मनो जैसे एक चमत्कार की तरह बाद गयी हो, मेरे एक हज़ार एक लाख मे बदल गये।

अब कमाओ लाखो Satta King से…..

Satta king एक जूआ है ऐसा लोगो का मानना है लेकिन मेरा मानना है को की हमारी पूरी ज़िंदगी एक जूआ ही तो है जिसका हमे खुद कुछ नहीं पता की कब ख़त्म हो जायेगी। रहम एक खेल को जुआ बता रहे है जो हमे जीने के लिए एक और नया रास्ता बता रहा है अगर आज satta king नहीं होतातो शायद मैं भी नहीं होता। क्योंकि जब मेरे पास जीने के लिए कुछ नहीं था तक satta king मेरे साथ था ओराज मैं satta king से लाखों रुपए कमाये है ।

Satta king से मैं आना खुद का 4 BHK घर वो भी गुड़गांव म ले लिया है और एक कार और आज मै satta king की मददत से बहुत खुश हूं। क्योंकि satta king ने मेरा उस समय साथ दिया जब मै जीने की सारी उम्मीद छोड़ चुके था और सब ये ही सींच रहा था कि जाने कब मै मरूग। आज भी ऐसा लगता है कि ये सब कुछ एक सपना सा है। लेकिन ये एक सच्चई है जो मेरे जीवन से जुडी है।

Online Satta king का खेल बहुत ही आसान है इसमें कोई भी जीत सकता है अगर आपको आपने लकी नंबर पता हो तो आप उस पर पैसे लगा सकते वो भी आपने मन से। satta king से आप रातों रात अमीर हो सकते हो वो भी चाँद रुपए लगा कर । क्योंकि satta king up की एक खास बातये है कि आप अगर 10 बार खेलेंगे तो आप उसमे से 7 सात बार जेतोगे। आप आपका एक हज़ार सीदा दस हज़ार में बदल जायेगा।

मेरे बहुत से दोस्त है जो जिनोने मुझे देख के satta king खेलना शुरू किया था और आज मेरे साथ ही है और उन सब ने भी अपना अपना घर ले लिया है और तो और एक दोस्त इस भी है जो वर्ल्ड टूर कर रहा है satta king के पैसो से। अगर आप इसे फली बार खेलने का सोच रहे है तो म आपको बता दू पहली बरी में आप जीतोगे ये मुश्किल है लेकिन दूसरी या तेसरी बरी में जरूर जीत जाओगे।

आपने satta king के बारे में शायद पहली बार सुना होगा ओरापको मेरी बात पर विशवास नहीं हो रहा होगा लेकिन, satta king एक रात में अमीर बनने का सब से आसान तरीका है जिसे आप रातों रात लक पति बन सकते है। अगर आप सच्ची म बड़े दिल वाले है तभी इस खेल को खेले वरना न खेले, क्योंकि ये खेल खली बड़े दिल वालो के लिए है। हो सकता है कि आप इसमें आपने पैसे हार भी जाओ क्योंकि मैं तो इसे पैसे कमाये है इसलिएम बोल रहा हु की आप भी काम सकते हो कही आप आपने पैसे हार जाओ और फिर मुझे खो की ह हार गए आपके कहने पर लगाये थे पैसे हमने आपके खाने पर लगाये थे, क्योंकि में नहीं बोल रहा आपको पैसे लगाने के लिए।

Satta king आपको रातों रात अमीर तो बनना है सकता है लेकिन कितना अमीर ये बता पाना मुश्किल है क्योंकि की जो जितना बड़ा रिस्क लेता है वो उतना ही कमाता है अगर आपमें लाखो लगाने की हिमत है तो समाज लिजिये की आप करोड़ पति बने वाली है अगर आपका लुकी नंबर आ गया तो। आपने लकी नंबर जानने के लिए हमारी वेब्सिये पर जायेर देख की आज का लकी नंबर क्या है।

Satta king एक ऐसी जगह हैज जहा लोग पैसे कमा सकते है छाए आपको पढ़ना आत हो या नहीं बस आको एक नंबर का धयान रखना है कि आपका अगर आपका लकी नंबर आय तों आपको आपने लगाये हुए पैसे मिल जाएंगे वो भी दस गुना हो कर। अगर आपका लकी नंबर नहीं आय तों आपको कुछ नहीं मिलेगा । आपको फिर से खेलना होगा।

Satta king का एक रूल ये है कि वक बार आपन जो नंबर लगा दिया उसके बाद में आप नहीं बदल सकते। satta king हम जैसे लोगो के लिए हे बना है जो ज़्यादा पैसे कमाते नहीं है लेकिन शॉक है बड़े बड़े और उन्हे पूरा करने के लिए हिम दिन रात एक कर देते है लेकिन वो पुरे नहीं होते इसीलिए satta king बनाया गया था कि आम आदमी आपने शॉक पूरा कर सके और पैसे बनना सके ।

लोगो का मनना है की satta king एक हराम की कमाई है मेरा मानना है कि क्यों ऐसा कहाँ जाता है की satta king जुआ है जब की मैं आपको पहले ही बताया था कि satta king हो या ज़िंदगी सब कुछ जुआ ही है आप सरकारों नौकरी कि तायरी करते है और क्या कोई कह सकता है कि वो नौकरी लग जायेंगे या कुछ अच्छा कर लेंगे, हिम सब जानतेहैं की आज पैसे सही सब कुछ है। पैसो के बिना तो कुछ नही है चाहे कोई भी हो।

Satta king किंग से कहे लोग है जो रातों रात लाख पति बान चूके है और कही करोड़ पति भी बने है जो लोग कम कम जोर होते है वो लगोही satta king जैसी चेज़ो को जुआ आदि बोलते है क्योंकि वो खुद यो खेल नहीं सकते इसीलिए दुसरो को भी नहीं खेलने देते और पैस कमाने के ऐसे आसान तरिको को उल्टा सीदा नाम दे देते है, ताकि दूसरे लोगो जोखेलन कहते है वो भी ना खेल सके ओर सब गरीबी में जिए।

अगर आप भी गरीब हैऔरजल्दी से आमेरबन्न कहते है तो अभी satta king पर जाये ओर आपने लकी नंबर लगये और बंजाये अमीर वो भी चाँद घंटो में। आप जितने ज्यादा पैसे लगायेगेआपको उतना ही बड़ा र्रेट्रं मिलेगा और आप उतना हे जल्दी अमीरो की सूचि में आ जाओगे। एक बार आपने satta king खेलना शुरू कर दिया तो फिरापको मेंर बनने से कोई नही रोक सकता कोई भी नहीं ।

आप सब को लग रजा होगा की में क्यों ये सब बता रहा हु आप लोगो को, मै इसीलिए बता रहा हु क्योंकि आप लगो भी जल्दी से पैसे कमा सको और अपनी ज़दगी जी सको पुरे एसो आर से ।

जैसा की हम सब जानते है कि जिंदगी एक जुए से कम नहीं है और ज़िंदगी का हर एक पल जुआ है ये सब जानते हुए भी ह सब ज़िंदगी को जीते है तो फिर जब हम लोग ज़िंदगी कीतरह ही जब रिस्क उठाते है तो क्यों लोग बोलते है कि ये तो हराम की कमाई है बस इसीलिए क्योंकि वो पूरा दिन गधों की तरह काम करते है और हम लोग बेट कर दिमाग लगा कर सोच कर पैसे लगा कर काम करते है और जिसके बदले हमे बहुत अधिक पैसे मिलते है इसिलए लोग इसे हराम की कमाई कहते है मेरी मनो दोस्तों इन सब की बाते सुनोगे तो जिंदगी बार गरीब ही रहे जेतोगे ये वही लोग है जो पैसे को देख के खाते है देखो उसनेकीटने पैसे कमा लिए ओर खुद को देखो आज भी बाप की कमाई पर खता है

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